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PROMOCHEM is a newly established Chemical Industrial Manufacturing plant. PROMOCHEM’s products are made with high-end raw material and fine fragrances made in EUROPE.

PROMOCHEM’s working force has worked hard in collaboration with a chemical engineering team to implement and maintain the company’s vision in its products quality.

Our managers are dedicated to maintain an excellent hygienic environment to assure and maintain the standards implemented by the top management.

As a new company looking for long-term investment and good reputation, the objective is to give the best quality with competitive prices to have more people enjoying the experience and quality of products made by PROMOCHEM.

PROMOCHEM SAL is committed to total customer satisfaction through stringent environmental conditions and quality in Product Development, Design, Manufacture, Sales and Delivery of its products produced in PROMOCHEM manufacturing plant.

To assure the quality of our end products, we have our own Laboratory. The lab is a fully equipped, state-of-the-art facility geared particularly to the preparation, maintenance, and analysis of current and future products. All our products are tested and approved before moving from phase to another in the production process.

Techniques used at the lab are documented and watched for full conformance with all requirements. Our technical staff are highly qualified and trained to use all the needed techniques. Naturally, that is reflected in the quality we deliver. Product and safety data from our lab and from other dependable sources are collated in our Knowledge Centre, enabling us to provide our clients with expert product advice, as well meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements. INDUSTRIAL CERTIFICATE: 38-42-319


Our QMS (Quality Management System) allows us to manage a traceability system. Our Quality Controller takes samples of all raw material and end products. The retained samples are stored and redeemed after 3 years..


Products provided by our company are conforming to the requirements specified by statutory and regulatory parties such as LIBNOR, and manufactured under ISO 9001:2015

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and customers’ expectations.

Management Responsibility is to provide direct leadership and resources to ensure continued conformance with these requirements.

PROMOCHEM’s strive for excellence translates into a set of objectives:

-Maintaining a hygienic environment
-Ensuring the quality of its products
-Adhering to ISO 9001:2015 requirements
-Meeting and exceeding all applicable legal and customer requirements
-Continuous improvement and update to our Quality Management System through rigorous training of our team.
-Ensuring interactive communication with suppliers, employees, customers and consumers..

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This policy and manufacturing process is communicated and under regular review and audit for continual improvement through management commitment and the result of collective effort and commitment from all its team members.

February 24th, 2018
Ali Khalifeh, CEO